Meet Pacha!

She’s a little girl with big dreams, and she wants YOU to join her Global Dance Party!

Look Who’s Joining Pacha

Agape Youth Choir, Los Angeles, USA

Earth Guardians, Togo

Martin Luther King Jr Students, Oakland, California

Project YES Boulder, Colorado

Tepito Arte Aca, Mexico City, Mexico

Los pajaros Chimichagua Cesar, Barranquilla, Colombia

Toro le Takatso ya Mandela, Johannesburg, South Africa

Friends of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest, Monteverde, Costa Rica

Make Your Own Video & Win

  • Enter your information to download the free song “We are ALL connected”.
  • Watch the video to learn Pacha’s dance and teach your friends, team, class or group.
  • Make your own video doing the “We are ALL Connected” dance and upload it to YouTube, Vine or Instagram with the hashtag #WeareALLconnected
  • Submit your video link through the button below!
  • The best videos will be featured right here and we will be awarding prizes for our favorites!

Learn the Easy Dance Routine

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